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Anna Kathryn Escoe - Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Anna Kathryn Escoe - Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Today we are going to be sharing our very first interview with the talented, Anna Kathryn Escoe. She will be sharing her experience with Type 1 Diabetes, and how she chooses HAPPI.

What’s your name, and age?
- Anna Kathryn Escoe
- 22 years old
What is your occupation?
- I am a Personal Trainer
What are your passions?
- I love singing, dancing, and helping others
What condition do you have?
- Type 1 Diabetes
How does your condition limit you?
- My condition limits me by not being able to eat without checking my blood sugar and taking insulin shots. Complications with my condition can lead to long term organ damage or death.
How do you see past your limits?
- I see past my limits by changing my perspective. I look at Diabetes as just having to take a few extra steps in order to not be limited on living a happy healthy life.
What are the things you do/focus on when things get hard?
- I focus on all the things I’m thankful for when things get hard. Making music has always been an outlet that makes me happy.
What advice do you have for someone else going through something similar?
- I would advise someone who is going through a tough time to stay strong. Sharing your story will bring purpose to the pain by uplifting and inspiring others. Focus on things that bring you happiness and surround yourself with people who love you.

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